About Us

Kangaroo Candle was started early in 1997 by Bart & Maria. Bart had always enjoyed candles while Maria had previously made bath and body products. A mutual love of anything scented was born and our children were tasked with the duty of coming up with a name.

After much discussion between the 2, then young boys, they settled on Kangaroo Candle. When asked why, neither was able to come up with more than a shrug, as only young, pre-teen boys can manage, and a simple "dunno, just sounded right".  And so it did.
Kangaroo Candle was born.

Bart was the chief candle maker, and our home was the best smelling for several blocks. In late 2001, after selling at craft shows and through home parties, open houses and word of mouth, we decided to put Kangaroo Candle on the back shelf for more pressing matters such as football, baseball and raising teenagers. Much to the distress of our customers, we had simply outgrown our little house and something had to go. Since we couldn't get rid of the kids (haha!) we decided to stop making candles and offer only supplies and technical consultations to small craft-centered start-ups.

Fast forward to 2011 and the kids are grown and (mostly) moved out. Ironically, we had a larger house, nearly triple the size of our little cottage and now have the space needed to resume Kangaroo Candle as a mail order retail and wholesale specialty with supplies being sold and shipped in the winter months.

After relocating to Phoenix AZ in early 2014, the 2 week transition time ended and we resumed shipping.

We're thrilled to offer now Soy only candles, still made with the precise care and attention to detail that only a truly type A personality can do.

. . .

We love the Earth and we love creating products that are natural and good for humans as well as the Earth and of course, that smell great. We also discovered that we LOVE
using old items and unique containers to put our candles in. Vintage, re-purposed tea cups are our favorite! Funky wine glasses and interesting vintage cups are also a lot of fun.

We are not a "brick and mortar" storefront presence located in only one place. We make, package and ship our products from our home in the beautiful Foothills of Phoenix AZ and we sell them online and across the globe. We only sell through mail order and during the winter months, supplies for you own candle business can be purchased as well as technical support and web design and hosting for your venture. We continue to offer support to those that we've consulted and are happy that our inventory includes items from various online small businesses. A number of our unique, one of a kind items are offered exclusively by us by grateful small merchants.

There is a lot of joy and love in what we do and how we do it, and we feel this comes across in our products and in our personalized touches that come with each and every order, consultation or assistance.

We hope you found our story interesting and hope you enjoyed it.

With fond regards and hopes for a long and lasting business relationship,
Bart & Maria